KEE Wellness began when founders Kian, Eric and Erin realized the power of collaboration and its effect on client outcomes. Combining their expertise in Physical Therapy, Wellness Coaching, Nutrition, Rolfing, Reiki, Meditation/Mindfulness and Athletic Training led to holistic improvements in client’s physical and mental wellness. Clients gained improved knowledge, understanding, discernment in their choices for care, and ultimately self-efficacy in their ability to create and maintain positive holistic change. Furthermore, Kian, Eric and Erin enhanced their professional abilities, personal well-being as service providers, and mindfulness through the power of collaboration.


COVID-19 brought challenges to all in the health and wellness industry. A bit of creativity combined with a whole lot of passion to enhance physical and mental wellness for the greater good, KEE Wellness began offering online opportunities. Fortunately, KEE engaged with amazing clients and amazing practitioners that ultimately formed KEE Wellness Collective, a group of likeminded wellness practitioners dedicated to quality provision of whole-person care, service, collaboration as partners in serving patients and clients. Of equal importance is the resiliency gained through professional collaboration. The monthly shared learning opportunities and time together in support enhances knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm and ultimately the desire to be resilient, caring servants in the healthcare arena.  Opportunity for monthly time together as a collective focuses on specific topics in wellness and enhances the spirit and enthusiasm of each ambassador,  ultimately up-leveling the care of those each member serves.


We welcome you to this shared space. We are thrilled to collaborate with all of the invested, brilliant wellness ambassadors represented on our site.  We come together through KEE Wellness Collective to embrace the provision of holistic and authentic wellness services.  Through the enhancement of our professional and personal development,  our patients and clients have improved outcomes and experiences.

This site also welcomes you to engage with our Well-Nest Courses. Come get to know us and then come meet us in person! We like to think of our course offerings as opportunities for those that engage to enhance their knowledge and understanding of their health.   The power that comes with self-efficacy as they up level their wellness and health, is the change we hope to continue to witness within the health and wellness industry.

Each Well-nest Course (we like the phrase “Wellness in the Comfort of your Nest”) focuses on specific areas of the body or wellness topics and holistically offers physical and mental wellness opportunities for growth. Several of our Ambassadors offer their personal Well-nest Courses on their individual tab as well.

Through engagement in our Well-Nest products:

  • You are invited to learn, engage, and place focus on a specific area of the body, a specific concept for the mind or a specific wellness topic (sleep/nutrition/sustainable living/and more).
  • You are welcome to learn more about KEE Wellness Collective. In our collaborative Well-Nest Courses you have the opportunity to engage with a variety of practitioners. This may lead to you reaching out to one of our Ambassadors for personalized, individualized care that is specific to you.
  • You can continue your love of the movement craft you know speaks to you: Molly offers an all Pilates course, Shannon offers several Yoga courses ….
  • You can extend the benefits of your in-person wellness services and gain understanding of yourself as the main driver in your health and wellness outcomes
  • You are welcome to enhance your wellness in the comfort of your home
  • You are welcome to enjoy one of our courses with no stress of joining an ongoing membership-it’s on your terms.


When engaging with us at KEE Wellness Collective, you are offered collaborative care. Professionals that believe in the power of collaboration, professionals that attribute client gains to positive partnerships that create empowerment of self-efficacy and sustainable change. Through this process, we love witnessing this individualized process beautifully marinate into the shared and collective embrace of whole person care.

You are embarking on the first steps in creating a 2023 that places your health and wellness first so that you can do what you do best and feel great. Our entire community benefits from the tremendous knowledge base that we all share when we collaborate on the path to optimal health. Together we create superior wellness opportunities for everyone.

Cheers to the best in wellness for each of you! Be well and stay well-KEE Wellness Collective.