Each Well-Nest package captures the power that comes with collaboration.  Each Well-Nest Package provides physical and mental wellness opportunities from several members that are a part of KEE Wellness Collective.

Unlimited viewings of all videos within a purchased Well-Nest package during the 30-day subscription period. Remember we embrace the research that tells us it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Have fun!

Yes. We are continually working on additional packages. Stay tuned!

Yes. All KEE Wellness Collective ambassadors are available for one-on-one personal training and coaching sessions. Individual fees may differ depending on the ambassador and sessions engaged. Please note their tabs that may include monthly virtual subscriptions to their services, contact information to set up in person or virtual appointments, and course offerings they may have.

Yes. KEE doesn’t share or sell any personal information with third parties.

Yes. We are looking for a compassionate acupuncturist at this time that would like to join our collective. Email us at keewellnessspecialists@gmail.com if you would like to connect.

Sales tax laws don’t always keep up with the times. Although more and more of us now use digital products in our work and fill our free time with ebooks, Spotify, Netflix, etc.

Your KEE Well-Nest Subscription fits under the designation as “digital products”. The term “digital products” (or “digital property,” or “digital goods and services,” etc.) generally refers to the following:

  • Digital audio files (music, podcasts, ringtones, etc.)
  • Digital books (ebooks, magazines, newspapers)
  • Digital images and video files (photographs, television shows, movies)

Some states don’t tax digital products because they’re considered to be intangible, while others consider them tangible because they can be seen if not held. And some states use existing laws as guidelines: If a product is taxable in its tangible form, it’s taxable in its intangible form.

Due to the somewhat vagueness of these interpretations and laws we at KEE Wellness Collective felt it was best practice to collect the sales tax as required by your state rather than attempt to deal with this after the fact.