Ali Anderson

Ali Anderson

My name is Ali Anderson. I am a mom of three kids, a long-time medical geek, and a Functional Medicine Health Coach. The human body fascinates me.

Like so many of you, I am a mom, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. My passion for health began at an early age. In high school, long before the internet, I owned a book called “Symptoms.” My friends would call and ask me to look up their latest symptom. “What is causing my headache?” or “Why does my stomach ache?”

Interestingly, soon after my love of health began, I was presented with my own health issue. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 15 years old. At the time, there was no medication to use. The doctors told me I needed to take care of my body and hope for the best. Over the years, I took this advice to heart.

After our third and last child was born, I unconsciously decided to become super mom. As a stay at home mom, I could do everything for everyone, right? Wrong. I thought I could stay up until midnight to get things done and wake up before 6:00am to get my kids ready to start another great day. I was eating healthy and I was exercising, but I was not considering another huge health factor – adequate rest!

And, what do you know, an MS symptom (cloudy vision) appeared. I let it creep in through the cracks of an unrested, busy lifestyle. Lucky for me, I had the support from friends and family to get some rest. My vision cleared up immediately, but that was my wake-up call.

Today, 31 years after my diagnosis, I am still dedicated to learning about the human body and how to treat it with a healthy diet and lifestyle to improve health outcomes.

About a decade ago, I learned about Functional Medicine. I was hooked. Once I started digging deeper into the role of nutrition and lifestyle on the body’s overall wellness, I knew there was no turning back. I signed up for webinars whenever I could, attended weekend retreats with my favorite leaders in the field. And then, when the time was right, I officially enrolled in school at

Functional Nutrition Alliance (FxNA) and continued my education through many other certification and instructional programs.

I started Ali Anderson Wellness, LLC so I could help others who are looking for ways to improve their health. My clients are interested in identifying the hidden stressors behind their symptoms and committed to making lasting lifestyle changes. If you are experiencing a new symptom OR if you have recently been diagnosed with a new condition I would love to help you discover changes you can make to improve your health.

As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I help you take a step back, dig deep, run functional medicine testing, as needed, and look for the hidden stressors that are causing your symptoms. We work together to discover and maintain nutrition and lifestyle changes that improve how you feel every single day. In

the end, we are all interested in being healthy and living long and well-nourished lives.




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