Area 51 Farms

Area 51 Farms is a third generation family owned and operated farm located near Hayden, Colorado. The heart of this family owned farm is the passion they have for the care of their land, their crops, each other and the animals they raise. Your purchase of products from Area 51 allows you to know and learn about  exactly where your food comes from…mindful choices that lead to  nutritious and delicious, antibiotic and hormone free food for your family. Their passion for educating others on sustainability for food and agriculture, the protection and enhancement of natural resources, and how supporting local enhances resilience and wellness for people, communities and ecosystems is inspiring!

Their farm spans over 4,000 acres of land where they raise wheat, safflower, alfalfa and sheep. These wonderful humans offer their lamb, wheat and additional products in several cuts and bundles and provide several pickup and delivery options making buying local, and learning about farming an amazing wellness opportunity for you and your family!