Bean Inc

Bean, Inc.

Elizabeth Gilligan and Beth Newton are partners who share a deep passion for helping individuals, teams and organizations activate greater capacity to adapt and innovate faster in an increasingly complex world.

Elizabeth has spent over twenty years working with teams, individuals on how to improve performance. Over the last ten years, she has also focused on executive coaching.  Prior to BEAN Inc,  her corporate career was at Fidelity Investments.

Beth also has had a 20 + year career with top global firms like Grant Thornton where she’s worked on culture change, organizational development, strategy development, talent management, leadership development and many more projects around the world.

BEAN Inc. started after Beth and Elizabeth met while working with the US Navy, where they coached leaders to transform their team cultures.

Elizabeth lives in Greenwood Village, Colorado with her husband. two daughters and their beloved golden retriever, Ruby.   Beth lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, four kids and sheepadoodle, Harley.  They hold certifications in Immunity to Change Coaching, DISC™,  Strengthsfinders, and MBTI.


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