Catheren Johnson

We are thrilled to welcome Catheren Johnson to the KEE Wellness Collective!  Catheren has been in practice as an aesthetician and small Buisness owner for over 22 years.  She is currently owner of Sweet Cheeks Boutique in Greenwood Village and is enthusiastic about joining our collaborative team.  She is excited to engage in holistic discussions on our collaboratives monthly wellness topics and believes in KEE’s mission of collaboration to support holistic well-being for both the patients / clients. Most importantly, she is thrilled for the self care that comes when providers of wellness collaborate, serving one another through time in connection and collaboration; a sure fire way to maintain both enthusiasm for our skills and prevent burn out as servants of care and Buisness owners. She is thrilled to support patients and clients with hormonal skin care concerns and needs as a consultant and an aesthetician. 

Catheren is proud of her professional accomplishments and celebrates being a wife to her husband Ian, a mother to two growing boys and 48 chickens. As a family they enjoy being outside, gardening, going off road and cooking.  She loves wellness and is an avid Peloton enthusiast and supporter of her local school system.

Catheren is passionate about caring for those with skin care concerns. She loves listening to her clients and believes completely in all concepts of whole person health.  She loves getting to the root cause of an individuals skin concerns and is excited to team with several practitioners within KEE that will strengthen this cause.  She feels that skin is the biggest communication organ we have, and pursued her career as an aesthetician after her personal journey with acne and accutane. It was not until she learned systemically where her inflammation and outbreaks were coming from that she understood how to care and cure her own acne. Through her personal journey she discovered she had PCOS and with targeted care of the insulin resistance that is part of this condition, she healed her skin and her overall health. Her biggest blood sugar balance weakness…. Candy corn pumpkins! Reach out today!