Elena Stophel

My name is Elena Stophel. I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach,  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Certified International Health Coach, a Natural Foods Chef, and a mom of three.

I have a personal story that illustrates that you are truly what you eat and that everything you eat impacts how you feel and the quality of your life. Having always been passionate about health, wellness and nutrition, my journey began with a very personal and highly invested quest for better choices when I had my first child in 2007, and shortly after that dealing with chronic illness of other close family members. Through much trial and error, research, exploration and surprising discoveries this journey led me to start Well Fed by Elena LLC and, later, to become a Health Coach. 

I am from Moscow, Russia and moved to Denver, CO in 2006. I have a background in linguistics and marketing. I am multilingual (English, Russian, German, Spanish). Because of my international background, I deeply understand and relate to the idea of bio-individuality. I provide my clients with support and guidance that respects their individuality and unique personality and I tailor my solutions to reflect that.

In 2016, I started my meal-prep service, Well Fed by Elena, specializing in made-to-order, fresh, organic, whole-foods based, paleo-style meals that both tasted great and supported the healthy lifestyle of my customers. It was a natural progression and evolution of my personal and professional development to then become a Sugar Detox Coach and later an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. It was a perfect fit. I was looking for a more in-depth, integrated approach to systemize my already extensive knowledge in the area of health, wellness and nutrition. I wanted to help more people holistically improve their lives through food, and equip them with the tools, skills and lifestyle shifts needed to set them up for a sustainable, achievable long-term success when it comes to food, nutrition, health and wellness.

As a business owner, a mom and having a spouse who travels full time for work, I have a deep understanding and appreciation of struggling with many commitments and trying to prioritize nutrition, health and wellness for yourself and your family. I show my clients what is possible. 

I specialize in helping busy professionals create optimal nutrition support and find balance in their life, as well as working with families in helping them establish better nutritional options, change habits around food choices and lifestyle, particularly, getting children to eat better and improve their health and activity levels. My other endeavors include volunteering at my children’s schools to promote awareness and change in regard to nutrition and healthful lifestyle choices; giving talks on nutrition, sugar, cravings, weight management; offering grocery store tours and pantry makeovers to support nutrition and health goals, as well as cooking demos and cooking classes.

I love watching the transformation of my clients and their complete awe at achieving things they did not know were possible within a relatively short period of time. I love the purity of emotions, the ability to open up and allow themselves to discover, to feel, to dare, to play, to shift perspectives and beliefs, to know themselves better than before we started.

Always thinking of my clients’ unique needs and personality traits, as well as their unique circumstances, respecting their undisputed expertise on themselves and what is best for them, guiding them to uncover their truth, wisdom and potential, and doing my best to make them feel valued and cared for are the cornerstones of my practice. 

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to share my knowledge, experience and guidance with the KEE Wellness Collective community.

Elena Stophel, NBC-HWC, INCH, CIHC


Web: www.wellfedbyelena.com

Email: info@wellfedbyelena.com