Jaci Salley

Sprout Nourishment, LLC is owned by Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and athlete, Jaci Salley, CNTP, CPT-NASM.

Jaci primarily operates from Denver, Colorado, and offers virtual nutritionist services to both individuals and families.

A significant portion of Sprout’s practice centers around Athletic Performance Nutrition, where she works with high school and college athletes. Jaci also extends her services to the families of these athletes and to individuals engaged in fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to her focus on Athletic Performance Nutrition, Jaci serves as a Nutritionist for high-performance families.

Through the application of personalized nutrition, Jaci’s dietary philosophy is centered on aiding individuals, particularly athletes, in attaining an peak state of fitness and wellness. Her emphasis lies in utilizing physiological and energetic testing to deliver tailored nutritional guidance, all rooted in a thorough, holistic, and evidence-driven methodology.

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