Kian McGraw

Kian Amir McGraw is thrilled to be in collaboration with the talented, genuine, and dynamic members of KEE. He believes that coherence of body, mind, and spirit is each person’s birthright. This belief propelled him to receive training and certifications from the most qualified instructors. Kian is a Master of the Reiki System of Natural Healing, also known in the East as the Dr. Mikayo Usui Shiki Ryoho. He studied under an exceptional Master Teacher for over two years and is only 8th in the lineage from Dr. Usui himself, this ensure that his expertise is thorough, complete, and authentic. He is additionally well-trained in meditation, yin/yang balancing, chakra balancing and healing, intuitive capabilities and the art of grounding.

Next, he was inspired to study Structural Integration, so that he may also assist his clients with physical pain and discomfort. In 2019 he completed his training at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado. This is the original, most well respected and most rigorous school for Structural Integration in the world. As a certified Rolfer®, he is able to help his clients feel better and perform better physically, through manual therapy, perception training and coordination education.

Kian is a life-long learner who is committed to deepening and broadening his understanding and expertise through continuing education. As a father, there is love and conscious attention present in his approach to daily life. Kian views each client specifically and holistically. He owns and operates a full time practice, which combines all of his skills and experience, in his home state of Colorado, and is available for virtual consultation and coaching world-wide.


Certified Rolfer®
Certified Reiki Master
Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

2023 Intentions

Develop and market a podcast that features KEE Wellness members and local community members.

Embrace the power that comes with authentic collaboration through engagement in Well-Nest Courses and articles.

Work with members of KEE to host a health and wellness fair.

Provide and enhance Corporate Wellness

Support clients through monthly subscription courses that allow them to engage in physical and mental wellness in the comfort of their nests

Connect with Kian

Phone: 720-999-0866


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