Kian McGraw

Kian Amir McGraw is a dedicated and certified Rolfer™️ and Reiki Master. He has carefully studied both western and eastern healing and wellness modalities. His belief that coherence of mind, body, emotions, and spirit is the birthright of every person, carried him through rigorous certifications and often propelled him to the top of his class. He now owns and operates a private practice based out of his home state of Colorado where he combines his expertise in bodywork, energy work, and meditation coaching to form a holistic center for all around well-being and personal optimization.


Certified Rolfer
Certified Reiki Master
Meditation and Mindfulness Coach

2023 Intentions

Develop and market a podcast that features KEE Wellness members and local community members.

Embrace the power that comes with authentic collaboration through engagement in Well-Nest Courses and articles.

Work with members of KEE to host a health and wellness fair.

Provide and enhance Corporate Wellness
Support clients through monthly subscription courses that allow them to engage in physical and mental wellness in the comfort of their nests

Connect with Kian

Phone: 720-999-0866


Rolfing Website:

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