Molly Sanders

Molly Sanders

Molly Sanders is a second generation Pilates Instructor who has been teaching Pilates for 15 years. Molly’s mom started teaching Pilates in the mid-90’s, which is how Molly first experienced Pilates. Molly has been comprehensively certified by the NCPT (Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher) for 10 years. Working in health clubs for the majority of her career, Molly has found the perfect blend of teaching the classical Pilates repertoire, as well as adding in athletic moves, allowing Molly to challenge her client’s strength, flexibility, and focus. Molly has also held her Cooper Institute Wellness Coach for 10 years. Aside from Pilates, Molly loves to run outdoors (she never lets the weather stop her!), and spending time with her family (her husband, three kids, dog and cat). Molly believes that the key to success is consistency and if you are diligent your hard work will pay off!


Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher
Cooper Institute Wellness Coach

2023 Intentions

Continue amazing instruction with amazing people

Embrace collaboration with the members of KEE Wellness Collective in creating holistic in home wellness offerings. She is excited to co-produce packages in 2021 that focus on pre and post natal support.

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