The Power of Sleep Team

Power of Sleep Team

Offering: In Person and Virtual Sleep Consultations for Adult and Pediatric Clients

KEE Wellness Collective embraces the power of collaboration through their support of clients looking to enhance the power that comes with quality sleep.  On the first Monday of each month, Dr’s Chain, Woller and Chain offer virtual and or in person consultations that help lead clients on a path to the understanding of how quality sleep with positively support them in all areas of wellness.

Clients that engage, have the opportunity to discern what avenues they may wish to explore. From non-invasive action oriented cognitive behavioral change tactics around sleep hygiene, nutrition, physical wellness and stress management to invasive options such as sleep studies to rule out obstructive sleep apnea, oral devices, and surgical options, if medically necessary.

It is our hope at KEE that you embrace the power of holistic care and get excited about harnessing the power that is available to you when you, and your children, achieve regular, consistent quality sleep.

Email now to set up your Virtual or in person KEE Wellness Sleep Consult:

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Dr James Woller, DDS

Shannon Connell RYT, CRMT, Registered Psychotherapist

Dr Jeff Chain, MD

Dr Erin Chain, DPT, NBC-HWC

Ali Anderson FNLP, INHC, FDN-P, Wahls, AIP

Kian McGraw Certified Rolfer, Reiki Master and Meditation/Mindfulness Coach