Reiki Level 2 Certification Training

Reiki is the expression of various aspects of The Universal Energy. All Be-ings and All-things are energy moving through and experiencing form. The Human energy system has multiple levels, truths, perspectives, and misunderstandings based on conditioning. Reiki assists in healing the physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies by amplifying, healing, and balancing. Reiki is an inherent part of every one of us. Traditional Reiki was developed in the Orient during the late 1800s by Mikao Usui, who was questioned by his students as to how Jesus was able to do miraculous healings. Thus began Usui’s research into Sanskrit, Buddhism, Christianity, Theology, and the Path to Enlightenment. The lineage of Reiki can be initiated through the attunement and chakra cleansing process that is passed from Reiki Master Teacher to initiate through attunement ceremonies, education, and the revelation of the ancient Reiki symbols.

Reiki energy has an intelligence and lineage far beyond human knowledge. It is a system that is taught in a succession of classes/levels to allow the inductees an opportunity to fully integrate the new frequencies of energy they are learning to channel. If all levels were taught without allowing the 21-day chakra cleansing cycle the bodies; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual would not sync properly. It is important to allow the bodies time to assimilate the knowledge, download the vibrations, and mentally process new perceptions, and life experiences.

Making the decision to advance to Second Degree Reiki is an opportunity to journey into another accelerated growth pattern. The Level Two Reiki attunement will square and reinforce the Energy received from the Reiki Level One attunement resulting in a greater opening of the chakras. This will result in heightened intuition and an even greater capacity for channeling healing energy. Most students experience the most profound change in the Level Two Initiation, and being that the student is mature from the Level One attunement they can more easily embody peace and joy while moving through any accompanying changes.

In this training, learn symbols for working with the mental and emotional bodies of the Auric system as well as symbols for working with inanimate objects, and symbols for cultivating the qualities of grounding and harmony. With level 2 attunements your relationship to Reiki and the current of Reiki itself will be greatly strengthened, and your capacity to facilitate healing in more direct and precise ways will be heightened through the use of additional symbols.


Energetic Exchange: $555

You will have 21 Days of access to this course in honor of the 21 Days of the Chakra Cleanse.

Reiki: Level Two Outline

  • Receive two level II Attunements that will completely open the chakras in the palms
  • Ability to connect with the chakra system of the recipient
  • Attuned to Reiki symbols to access hidden physical, mental, and emotional issues
  • Learn to heal at a distance across space and time
  • Learn about pendulums and instructions for its uses
  • Lovingly release unhealthy connections to others via “cords”
  • How to clear addictions, release spirit attachments, and enhance relationships
  • Learn about the psychic side of intelligence
  • Learn about mental and emotional strongholds and how to process feelings without being triggered
  • Learn how to charge Crystals and set up Crystal Grids to enhance Reiki healings
  • Enhance Relationships with The Vesica Pisces
  • How to use Reiki with Specific Disorders and Learn where we store emotions in the bodies
  • Learn the Five Tibetan Rites to keep chakras spinning
  • Increase integration of “Higher Self” Consciousness
  • Activation of another 21-day chakra cleansing cycle
  • Receive your Reiki Level 2 practitioner certificate
  • Supplemental Yoga classes to support you through the Chakra Cleanse and Course content