Book Release from Shannon Connell: The Alchemy of Yoga: The Psychology Akin to Magic

Book Release from Shannon Connell: The Alchemy of Yoga: A Psychology Akin to Magic 

In this course, you receive a 220 page printable copy of Shannon’s first book that we coin “The Resource”.  Shannon shares the recipe of Alchemy and how the practice of yoga bridges God’s creativity and love into reality through you. This ReSource is a guide of the soul’s path towards consciousness and a “how to” in co-creation.

Purchase of this package offers you the downloadable ReSource for printing and or lifetime access to this entire course and its contents via the KEE Wellness Collective hosting site.  Shannon is providing bonus material in this course that includes:

~On Demand Practice of Mantra

~On Demand Practice of Pranayama: Breathing Exercises

~One Thirty Minute Level 1 Yoga Class

This is provided so you can experience the Power of Yoga with Shannon, first hand. 

Shannon loves sharing the science of yoga as a psychology and as a possible solution to our global disconnection, health, environmental, spiritual and social crises. It inspires Waking UP to how profound this life as a human truly is.

As an attempt to decode the ancient yogic and biblical scriptures, Shannon’s goal is to inspire and motivate you as the reader to come to peace.

In this book, Shannon shares all the secrets she has learned over her decades of study in Life Experience, Yoga, Reiki, Psychology, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Spirituality, and more! Shannon shares the profound experiences of studying with some of the centuries best teachers to help you unlock the magic and joy of life for yourself. This resource is an experiential education manual to assist the reader in positive perceptional shifts for a greater understanding of the soul. In-Joy!


Shannon Connell, CRMT, RYT, Psychotherapist

FB: Shannon Connell Boulder, Colorado
IG @shannonconnellhealth