The Power of Your Spine: KEE-Align Yoga and Physical Therapy Course

Dr. Erin Chain and Shannon Connell collaborate in this course to share with you several tips for a balanced and healthy spine. We encourage you to have a consult with us before engaging in this Course. This Course is great for the all levels and provides a practice for whatever energy level you are experiencing and for whatever time of the day you are seeking a yoga practice. This course offers a variety of levels, styles, and time duration classes as well as educational videos, breathing techniques, and more.

This Course Includes:

10+ Education Videos

28 Yoga Videos with Shannon ranging from restorative, yin, levels 1-3, core workouts, and yoga shorts (practices 5-15 min)

16 Movement Labs, physical therapy practices, and anatomy videos with Dr. Erin Chain

We also added in several surprises hint: Breath work practices and more!