Golf Wellnest Package


Teaching Tips for Golfers

45 minute Pilates class-great for stretching and strengthening


Yoga with Lori from Living Hope Yoga

20 minute warm up to get you ready for some great golf


Yoga with Shannon

60 minute Level 1 Vinyasa Flow

60 minute Level 2 Vinyasa Flow

30 minute Level 1 Vinyasa Flow

30 minute Level 2 Vinyasa Flow


Physical Therapy Labs and Movement Labs

-2 30 minute Movement Labs with Erin focused on mobility in hips and thoracic spine/shoulders and strength in gluts, core and arms/forearms/wrists

-PT Labs on Golfer’s elbow and Improving Thoracic Mobility so you can achieve full shoulder flexion and avoid shoulder impingement issues.

Whole Body Workouts with Tammy

Activate all your muscles in these 2 30 minute Strength Based Workouts: one focused on whole body conditioning and one focused on powering up those gluts (so important for power in your golf swing). Enjoy!

Kee Wellness Group

Your access will be provided to you for 30 days.​ This is purposeful as research reveals it takes 21 days to develop a new habits and create positive change!   Please reach out to us if you would like to schedule wellness coaching that can be done in person, telephonically or virtually to help you stay intrinsically motivated to engage and enhance your holistic wellness as you move through this series. Enjoy this library of wellness that will enhance your golf game. We honor your time and try not to infiltrate your inbox but if you want more communication, let us know. We love feedback, please stay in touch! Email: or Phone: 720-417-3038.

Be Well and Stay Well~
Shannon,  Lori, Erin, Tammy and Molly