The Power of Healthy Hips and a Healthy Lower Back

Physical Wellness​: ​Hips and Low Back
Mental Wellness​: ​The Art of Creativity

Physical Wellness

  • 1 Pilates Class with Molly
  • 1 Yoga Safety Video with Shannon
  • 3 Level 1 Yoga classes with Shannon
  • 2 Yin Yoga Classes with Shannon
  • 3 Level 2-3 Yoga classes with Shannon
  • 2 Lower Body Strength Training classes with Tammy
  • 2 Holy Yoga Classes with Lori
  • 2 Movement Labs with Erin
  • 2 PT Labs with Sarah

Mental Wellness

  • The Art of Creativity

Your access will be provided to you for 30 days.​ This is purposeful as research reveals it takes 21 days to develop a new habit or extinguish an old. Please maintain the integrity of this package by kindly referring others to us; we thrive on word-of-mouth referrals. Thank you for considering. Please reach out to us if you would like to schedule wellness coaching that can be done in person, telephonically or virtually to help you stay intrinsically motivated to engage and enhance your holistic wellness as you move through this series. Enjoy this library of wellness. We love feedback, please stay in touch!

Be well and Stay well-
Shannon, Molly, Lori, Tammy, Erin and Sarah