Collaborative Professionals embracing holistic and authentic wellness for their patients/clients and their professional and personal development.

  • We believe in collaboration as we guide each client we serve toward their optimal levels of health and wellness.
  • We believe in the interconnectedness of the amazing body and the amazing mind.
  • We believe in health and wellness that is individualized for amazing, unique YOU.
  • We believe in strong, consistent communication and the integration of thought to lead you to your best self.
  • We believe in the greater good that is accomplished when we all authentically support the holistic wellbeing of our KEE ambassador team.
  • We believe in the greater good that is accomplished when we  embrace the gift it is to be able to encourage our clients on life’s wellness journey.

Wellness in the Comfort of your Nest: From our Nest to yours.

KEE Wellness is committed to you – our clients.

As Wellness professionals we embrace the power that comes with positive habit formation. We offer on our site several Virtual Well-Nest Packages and our Ambassadors also offer several virtual packages on their individual Ambassador Pages.  Our collaborative Well-Nest Packages offer physical and mental  wellness options so you can place self care into every day.  Our Well-nest Packages allow you to continue to learn/practice and strengthen your positive habit formations. It is our hope that this leads to sustainable positive behavioral change and strengthens your knowledge in advocating and understanding your individualized holistic wellness needs.

We designed our innovative range of virtual wellness opportunities with two guiding principles.

  1. Our wellness ambassadors are authentic and dedicated to quality care.  You can explore their offerings through our virtual packages and perhaps consider a 1:1 session if this feels right to you.
  2. Our Well-Nest packages are on-demand, effective and economical.  Purchases of Packages and Courses offer you unlimited access for 30 days.  You are not crafted into monthly charges, you decide if you want to renew and continue to engage.

We believe wellness is essential to all. KEE Wellness Collective is committed to the holistic, collaborative and authentic care you deserve! Come see us in person soon, set up a live Zoom Consultation or check us out in the convenience of your nest through the purchase of one of our Well-Nest Packages.


Wellnest Packages

The Power of Your Spine: Yoga and Physical Therapy course

Wellnest Packages

The Power of Great Golf: Well-Nest Package

Enjoy physical wellness options of Pilates, Yoga, Physical Therapy Lab and Movement Lab in the comfort of your nest-all aimed at improving your golf game! At KEE Wellness Collective we believe the sport of golf is one of the best ways to exercise and fuel your body and mind! We want you to maximize your performance and enjoyment of this sport. Gain new insights, explore new workout routines and options, reach out to us a for coaching through this package (50% discount for package participants) or engagement with any KEE Ambassadors for personalized programming made for you (we are now offering this in person and virtually). Care for yourself and your love of this great game through involvement in our Power of Great Golf Well-Nest Package.

Take care,

In Wellness,

Lori, Erin, Molly, Shannon Tammy and Eric

Wellnest Packages

The Power of Balance

Physical Wellness: The Power of Balance

Mental Wellness: The Power of Balance

Wellnest Packages

The Power of Sleep

Enjoy this multi-disciplinary course on the Power of Sleep!

Dr James Woller, DDS

Shannon Connell RYT, CRMT, Registered Psychotherapist

Dr Jeff Chain, MD

Dr Erin Chain, DPT, NBC-HWC

Ali Anderson FNLP, INHC, FDN-P, Wahls, AIP

Kian McGraw Certified Rolfer, Reiki Master and Meditation/Mindfulness Coach

Wellnest Packages

The Power of Posture

Physical Wellness Focus: The Power of Posture
Mental Wellness Focus: Anxiety

Wellnest Packages

The Power of Healthy Hips

Physical Wellness​: ​Hips and Low Back
Mental Wellness​: ​The Art of Creativity

Wellnest Packages

The Power of Healthy Knees and Ankles

Physical Wellness: ​The Knee and Ankle
Mental Wellness: ​The Art of Patience

Wellnest Packages

The Power of Pain Free Elbows and Wrists and Hands

Physical Wellness Focus: Elbows and Wrists
Mental Wellness Focus: The Art of Giving and Receiving

Wellnest Packages

The Power of Pain Free Neck and Shoulders

Physical Wellness Focus: ​Neck & Shoulders
Mental Wellness Focus​: The Art of Self-Awareness

Wellnest Packages

The Power of the Core

Physical Wellness Focus: ​The Power of Core Muscles
Mental Wellness Focus​: Exploring your Core Value